Thursday, July 30, 2009

flannel, fashion, fun finds & fall

- Went to the mall the other day & was thrilled to learn that I will be right in style this fall/winter bc flannel shirts will be too! Just the tho't of wrapping up in a soft flannel shirt & a slightly worn (ie. comfortable!) pair of jeans made me start looking forward to fall despite that I know what follows it (brrr!! ... & ridiculous heating bills...) & I'm in no rush for that.

- Coveted one flannel shirt in particular but not the $40(yikes!) price so I didn't buy it. But - I took some stuff to the Salvation Army & decided to pop in ... & scored! Yes - I shop there now & then & secretly (sshhh) enjoy it -- & it's a good exercise in putting my pride aside (does it count as that if I go incognito? :) - Anyhow, I came away w/ not one but two great (seriously!) flannel shirts that Playmaker & I will be fighting over all winter plus one thermal top & two other tops for the girls & two games (my girls enjoy playing games...which seems rare these days - but I love it) -- all for about half the price of that one flannel shirt I coveted earlier in the week :) Gotta love it!

- And... I cleaned out my side of the closet yesterday & scored again ... - found yet another flannel shirt I forgot I had :) ... & I stuffed another bag full of stuff to take to none other than the Salvation Army ... & soooo I may just decide to pop in ... again.

... at this rate I'll have one flannel shirt for every day of the week w/ great potential to be right in style 24/7 (bc we have flannel sheets - & pjs too!) & still have some money left over to purchase a cup of coffee, a good book, a pumkin pie scented candle ... & hopefully to cover the dreaded heating bill .... & other such accessories that go well w/ flannel too :)


Scattering Lupines said...

Being in NC instead of Florida this winter might just find me in some Salvation Army flannels too! That's a good idea... I was wondering how we would afford a whole new wardrobe of colder-weather clothes since we were wearing capri pants in 70-degree days last winter! Thanks for the idea! (Could you do a post for Southern people on how to dress for the cold? :) )

Yiota said...

Is it wardrobe week on Blog planet? I read a couple more blogs on the same note, charity included and all and, although I have been too lazy to make a post in my blog, I've been clearing away closets, cupboards and drawers and have arranged to give some of my son's old clothes to MIL's neighbour's relatives in Armenia.
Enjoy your new findings and I do hope you manage those cups of coffee and books.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Lupine...for you friend, sure :) mb tomorrow.

Hi Yiota!

Randi Sue said...

I was just at a thrift store today. We always look for games and craft items and clothes. Like I said my blog, I buy most of my kids clothes there for a quarter.