Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giving ice after an icestorm? - whooda tho't...? :)

The recent ice storm & back to back heavy snowstorms has left us w/ intermittent electricity & phone - & I believe this is day 12 or 13 w/o power for some!!

One may think that giving bags of ice after a terrible ice storm would just add insult to injury...but that's what we did (well - sort of :) yesterday! The girls donned Santa & elf hats to deliver truffles to men working long & hard out in the cold to restore power - & "bags of ice" in memory of the incredible ice storm of 2008 to neighbors...that included some combination of Ice Breaker mints/gum, polar ice "Extra" gum, "frosty" ornaments, Dentyne Ice gum, icicle ornaments.....all w/ a candle tucked inside...the gift of light & warmth --- things we all appreciate much more now! ... wrapped in clear celophane & snowflake bags w/ wishes for a Christmas that's warm(!) & bright(!) & the reference for John 1:9 The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. This theme carried thru' to co-worker's/friend's gifts - & shopping, preparing & giving has served as a power-full(!) reminder that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Power-FULL post :)

We got power!!! I scurried to get gas, cash, food, etc. ahead of the back to back storms expected & Hubby was on his way home early as the snow was getting heavy- to pick up a loaner generator from a friend -- when our power finally (Day 8!) came on. God is good & His timing is amazing. So thankful!

Only God could cause?/allow? such quiet (snap, crackle, pops in the night - but NO idea what we'd wake up to!) beautiful (an ice storm is a truly a sight to behold ... esp when the sun comes out & the outdoors glistens like diamonds!) destruction - while preserving sooo much life! To my knowledge no lives were lost in this storm ... altho' I gather a few perished in the aftermath from carbon monoxide poisoning.

People who've lived here 60 - 80 yrs never remember anything like this incredible storm. There was a terrible flood years ago & the blizzard of '78 - but this was different. Trees all over the region broke like matchsticks! Saving newspapers for our kids. Still many w/o power! Keep praying!

A few words stuck to memories: cold - dark - ice - shelter (the school at the end of our street) - CRUSHED (Newspaper headline the day after) - State of Emergency - National Guard - board games - books - perked coffee - hotdogs & hobo peach pie cooked over fire - kind neighbors & friends - candles ... candlelight showers - candlelight conversation w/ friends after enjoying a hot meal together.

I learned some things ... I really like perked coffee! - How to use the car as a generator to run a house fan as a heat blower ... Times like these seem to bring out the best in most people - & - I take sooo/tooo much for granted.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Santa,

May I pleeeaase have electricity for Christmas?




STILL no power here. We've been w/o electricity for a week now since the ice storm (see pics on previous post). It's amazing what one takes for granted! We're in for another storm tomorrow so no telling when we'll get power. So grateful for my boyscout extraordinare hubby! He makes this whole thing bearable. He hooked me on the laptop tonight here at home for the first time since the ice storm ... using his car as a generator!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Deep Freeze

We are ok. You've probably seen on the news. We are still feeling the effects of an incredible ice storm! State of Emergency. Pics out of order --but you can see what we woke up to Fri AM. Our neighborhood looked like a warzone! No power since Thurs eve. We do have gas & so we're better off than so many - and thankful. We have hot water - stove & some heat. We harvested ice for our cooler & fridge and put some food outside b/c it's been sooo cold! I'm in B&N now online for the first time since the storm. All the pics are from our neighborhood.

More Pics

More Pics

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As I was grocery shopping this early (best time to go!) morning, I passed a mom w/ two children (total strangers) in one of the aisles. The little boy was just SO cute! I kinda smiled at him, complimented the mom on her cute boots & walked on. Soon passed them again, going the opposite direction, & the little boy stood right in front of my cart, held onto it, peeked over the front - & wanted to go w/ me! Of all the things in that store, I woulda loved to take him home! :) - but as the distance between his mom & us grew, she quickly realized he wasn't w/ her & encouraged him to 'get back here'. He obeyed...but then as the distance between he & I grew, he waved & yelled an oh so friendly 'Bye!!' back down the aisle to me. In the short span of about 30 seconds I kinda felt as if I made a friend I might never see again - but I walked out of the store w/ a big smile on my face that it seems another woman "caught" b/c she smiled back at me. I smiled as I told my husband on the phone about the little boy ... & hours later, as I share this (b/c it's too fun not to share!) , I'm smiling about it! Hopefully you are too now.... & someone will catch yours - & so on - & so on - & so on.... :)

How did he know?

Playmaker had a (boy) friend - two separate words :) - over the other night & we baked Christmas cookies. Nice kid. Nice time. Playmaker told me that he told her that when her dad came home from work that evening, he could tell her dad & I are in love & he tho't that was neat. He's right! but -I wonder just how he knew. It doesn't really matter - I'm just glad it shows b/c I adore my hubby & I want him to know - & I want the world to know - & given Playmaker's friend's observation - I/we must be doing somethin' right :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TheTruth, the Whole Truth(?) & Nothing but the Truth?

While at school, Playmaker was interviewed by our local newspaper for an article related to a survey that indicates 64% of highschoolers admit to cheating.

Yesterday the headlines read: MORE STUDENTS ADMIT TO CHEATING & a long article follows - including a pic of Playmaker w/ her name (& a few pics/names of others) indicating these students talked about cheating at her school, Wed. However, there's not one quote or reference to her in the whole article. Ironically the expression on her face as she talked to the reporter - combined w/ the headline - combined w/ the stripes that she wore that day (that kinda make her look like a jailbird!), might lead one to think she'd just admitted to cheating! Just kinda funny/strange - & provides me w/ a rather personal(!) perspective on how powerful/persuasive the media is ... How something is portrayed - by including "this" & leaving out "that" -- all while "reporting the facts" - can lead one to believe something - whether it's true or not ... & to better realize how once someone is convinced of something, it can be very difficult to change their mind .... & - how powerful knowing/understanding/discerning the truth/Truth (John 14:6a NIV Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. ... ") really is.

Despite the deep thoughts this led me to - we've gotten some good laughs out of this rather personal propaganda(?) :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here & Now & There & Then


Today (Sunday)-- Light snow... pretty - peaceful. Church. Family dinner. Our phone, internet & cable weren't working. The lack of technology was fitting - as after hubby & I snoozed by the Christmas tree by the window by the fire, we then headed out w/ the girls to "Bible time Bethlehem" -- well sort of... actually a very well done live Nativity/village /w census taker, market place, carpenter shop, basket weaver, dancing, live animals, open fire cooking, etc. And, of course, the manger scene. The cast spoke only Hebrew or Greek w/ the exception of at least one person reciting Scripture relating to the Christmas story. Afterward - a tour of the sanctuary - SO much symbolism in this very simple room that I wouldn't have appreciated if it hadn't been explained...black floor (sin), red carpet leading up to the altar (blood of Christ) , 12 hanging lamps (12 disciples) -- so much symbolism in the alter itself -& the garments of the pastor (black for sin, white robe for the righteousness of Christ) -- The pastor explained how none of this symbolism was necessary including his garb...all are simply visual aids/reminders. I just thought it was interesting --- how, in giving a tour of this church sanctuary, one could basically share the Gospel. Came home & picked up w/ the girls where they'd left off watching The Ultimate Gift.

Obviously our internet is back...& just in time for me to journal about this unusual (very special!) day - here & now (Home) & there & then ("Bethlehem").

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tickled Pink

This (shiny brand spankin' new red helmet) means Playmaker made her High School Ice Hockey team! She was the only girl that tried out...except for a girl goalie who also made it -- still not sure if she'll be on V or JV but it doesn't really matter to me b/c those boys are one size (BIG!) on both levels. She's tickled pink - as pink as her huge pink hockey bag! I, on the other hand - well, let's just say I got pretty good at multitasking (watching & praying at the same time!) when her big brother played - & so - I'll do it again...

Hmm - given that her school colors are red/white....I wonder if her coaches would object to her wearing a giant STOP! sign logo?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are we a political hologram?


There should probably be a moratorium on political posts in Dec. - but - this surprised me ...

Check out the map
in my side bar w/ a county by county breakdown (can be found here: The Country is Still Conservative ) . Are we red or blue? Perhaps we're a hologram? ...b/c we look quite different depending on how you look at it (state by state - or county by county)

"You know, it's interesting, I saw today the final county map, red state, blue state map by county, and if you just landed here from Mars, and you looked at that map, you would swear the Republicans won this thing in a landslide, if you didn't know where the population centers are." - Rush Limbaugh - at the link above

A New "Advent"ure

- Been trying to figure out how to make Advent more meaningful than candy calendars to count off the days leading up to the celebration of Christ's birth. The random act of kindness I posted about below inspired me! I realize I'm a bit late getting started - but - I intend to "perform" at least one totally random act of kindness for someone - least suspecting & different each day - every day until Christmas - & to encourage my family to do the same. I am so excited I can hardly wait to get started!

Random Act of Kindness/No explanation necessary :)

Much to my surprise, a small pkg from my friend arrived in the mail. My dd loves to open pkgs, so I let her do the honors...when what to my wondering eyes should appear - but the cross you see above (tried so hard to get a good pic!...this one doesn't do it justice). Here's what made it extra special: The gift itself & the fact that there was no note/ no nothing w/ it "spoke" how well she still knows me - so well that no explanation was necessary - despite the huge distance between us now & the much too much time that passes between touching base w/ each other - & - that it was totally unexpected - & how it brightened my day :)

P.S. You can see here what she & her husband have turned melting glass into.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hmm - Can I give a gift to them that is really for me?

I'm organized ... to a degree - but there's definitely room for improvement & it's toward that end that (not crafty) I decided to hand-make this particular gift for my family:

in the form of a:


to have & to hold, from this day forward,
important info all together in one place.

It's a basic 3 ring binder that includes: 2009 Planner (3holes), notebook, tabs/pockets/places for: Chore Chart, School/Sports Schedules, Bills/Checkbook, Stamps, Calculator, Receipts, Menus, Grocery List, Coupons, To Do List, Church Newsletter/Calendar/Directory/Youth Group, one tab for each kiddo, etc.......& a partridge in a pear tree! :) There's lot's more I could include - but this is just the stuff I want to keep handy ...&.... that's what the extra tabs are for :)

Such a simple - practical - inexpensive - stress relieving - keeps on giving - gift :)

The question is....Who is it really for?... them? or me? :)