Friday, December 4, 2009

Dinnah Down Undah

Wednesday, during our Around the World in 180 Days class, we finished up our study of Africa & moved on to Australia. Each family brought food to share & we enjoyed some Aussie Tucker together.

Our Aussie menu? Funny you should ask :)

Australian Meat Pie
(this was our contribution)

Pumpkin Scones

Bran Muffins


no pic :(

Toasted ham, cheese & pineapple sandwiches

Plantation Ice Tea

& for dessert!
... Avacado Ice Cream (yep, you read it right!)

& Pavlova

This unusual dessert has a meringue crust that
melts in your mouth topped w/ whipped cream & fruit

Just fun to try some new & different things.

G'day mates!


Scattering Lupines said...

Neat! So, what was your favorite? And what exactly was in your Australian Meat Pie?

I am VERY interested to hear how the avocado ice cream was!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hmmm my favorite? Not sure mb the meat pie - but it was a bit on the salty side (my bad!). I chopped up sirloin steak in the food processer (probably could have just used ground beef!) & mixed it w/ beef boullion, cornstarch, nutmeg, a bit of soy sauce & salt & pepper. cooked it till think then placed in a a pie crust & baked it. very simple --- which is how I like most of my food anyhow.

Avacado icecream was interesting too tho'. It was lightly sweet (w/ honey) but you could barely taste the avacado - so it was light & refreshing :) Wish you could have joined us!