Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Perfect Storm (Snowday Part 2)

The "celebration" of the first snowday of this year went down all as UNplanned as the occasion itself was :)

Our neighbors allowed the neighborhood kids to slide & play in their yards - I attempted to repay one for her kindness w/ a loaf of homemade bread last night & another should receive a loaf right about lunch time today :)

Strike snow skating on the street...

Silly smiles in the snow!
Gingerbread Eggnog French Toast
w/ Cranberry Sauce & Whipped Cream for dinner...
I would not make a good food photographer!

Breakfast for dinner is a family favorite! .. .& in season we kick it up a notch by making our pancakes, french toast or waffles w/ eggnog instead of milk or water. W/ all the flavors of eggnog available now -- pumpkin, sugar cookie, gingerbread ... ooooh the possibilities :)

Other elements that contributed to the perfect storm which even included lightning, thunder & rain in the evening..... Well ***

I only had to go as far as my driveway to get my exercise
(shoveling snow is great workout!...whew!)

I only had to look out my window for some comic relief
(Cars desperately trying to maneuver w/ little success :)

Plenty of sleeping in late, snuggling under a warm blanket & reading. A round of Christmas in a cuppa for kids after playing/shoveling outdoors & I was so glad I put our gifts to the mailmen in the mailbox bc our mail lady did take a tumble yesterday ... perhaps that was a premonition I had?! Hopefully our little gift gave her a lift.


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

What a great day for everyone (except the mail lady)! I'm so jealous - our little bit of snow turned into rain, rain, rain. But winter is just beginning.. :)

Is it harder to get good pictures inside now that we are relying on electric light instead of natural daylight? I'm having a terrible time of this, too. Or do I just need to take some photogr classes?

Yiota said...

That's the kind of snow I want! White and fluffy.
We rarely get that in the city. :(
I'll do my post on the book late in the evening after my son has gone to bed- it should be afternoon for you.

Scattering Lupines said...

AH, that makes perfect sense. Using eggnog instead of milk. I am going to try that on Saturday morning :)

I've got to get Husband liking breakfast for dinner... that has always been a favorite in my parents' house, too.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Oh Farmgal ...I'd love to share w/ you & Yiota all the snow you can shovel from here!

Yiota ... ok - I'll stay tuned. & I'l plan to do a post soon as well - as we'll be discussing it this eve.

Lupine...yah...SO simple I was almost embarrased :)