Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Aug 10, 2009

Super soft sand,
NO traffic,
CLEAR water
not a pebble to be found on the beach or in the water
plenty of sun... & a ton of fun :)

Cape Ann

us & them

his & hers

me -n- him

him -n- her

one of a kind!


Larry, Curly & Mo


Scattering Lupines said...


mom24boys said...

My question is answered........yes you made it. Wasn't it nice and peaceful? I love it there.

Randi Sue said...

We love the beach, too.

mom24boys said...

Hey we ended up here today for the same reason you did on Monday. We were there around 11 and left at 6:30. A GREAT day. Though I wish I had figured out where Franks was on our way in so we could hit it on our way out.