Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet the (our!) Nanny

Blogger friends ... I'd like you to meet Katie...aka "our nanny" :) She's a gooood dog.

Katie...these are my blogger friends. They are gooood people :)

We adopted Katie (9-ish) when she was two-ish.

Back then she was a picture of health - nice tight/firm/muscular body... rather intimidating actually! We took her on a trial basis & ran her thru' a wringer of tests. Would she let us bathe her? Would she let us take away her food while she was eating? Would she let our youngest clobber her? etc, etc. - & she passed w/ flying colors!

She's protective by nature ... & there are some people she just does not like...namely skateboarders! And she tells them so!!She can hear em' comin' long before I do - but - Strike & her friend can whiz by on theirs anytime & w/o even looking Katie knows it's "her girl" & won't bark or object in the slightest.
How does she know it's her?!

When Mak (now 200lbs!) joined our family ... she took him under her wing ...even to the point of disciplining & nurturing him - depending on what circumstances dictated at any given time. Mak frequently has ear troubles & she knows when his ears are bothering him! She licks & licks them....almost as if she's massaging them - & often that's our first sign that we need to give him medicine!
How does she know that?!

Nowadays she doesn't move for much of anything - we can't even take her for a walk much past the end of the driveway! You'd think at times she's totally oblivious to her surroundings....but - when she senses something is not quite right
(how does she do that?!) or a stranger is at the door - she is ALL right there!! - between us & them (whoever/whatever it is). While she appears to be "off duty" one moment....she never really is - even for a second! It's as if she's storing up all her energy so she can "be there" .... the next time duty calls :)

I love the sense of security she gives me/us. She hears & senses things I don't & it's almost as if her sole purpose in life is to take care of "her family".

Yesterday Katie went to the vet due to an ever expanding lump on her ear...part of me didn't really want to know what was wrong bc of what I feared it was...but it seems it's likely benign & will go away once her ear infection (which I didn't even realize she had bc she doesn't complain - ever!) is cleared up w/ medication.

(insert BIG sigh of relief here!)

Katie has taught our children SO much!! ( & that, friends, is the subject for a future post :) & I wish she could teach me how to do some of the things that I just cannot figure out how she does! - but it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks :) Looking back, I believe this....

...would have been a much more fitting name for her.

Love.....always protects....

From I Corinthians 13


warriormom said...

:} So glad everything is ok.

Scattering Lupines said...

What a great dog duo! Tell them I am SO glad to meet them!

Randi Sue said...

Nice to meet you two. If you lived close by, maybe you could help me take care of Rosie.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

What a sweet, wonderful face Katie has. You can see her warm disposition.
Wishing her the best! Mak, too!

Mug said...

Ahhh, Katie, it is sooo nice to meet you! Our dogs would love you and Mak....Well, Harry would have to get use to you, but he would eventually warm up:)

Aren't dogs wonderful?! They love us in spite of ourselves. And they "listen" when we are sad, mad, or just plain frustrated with life:)

Great picture of (I'm thinking it's you?) with Katie!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Good Morning everyone. So glad you enjoyed meeting our dogs.

Randi..I just ready your Rosie update & it sounds like you are doing everything you can .. I have no other ideas to offer - so sorry!

Mug - yes - that is (was!) me. After I posted that pic, I realized time has taken it's toll on me to a degree (as well as Katie!) & SOooo...in a feeble attempt to "turn back the clock"/"reverse the Law of Disintigration" a bit, I had my daughter lighten up my hair last night!! I have NEVER done that before - except for the use of some SUN IN now & then :)