Friday, August 14, 2009

Friends are friends forever if....

Heading over tonight ... I guess to say our official goodbye to dear friends who are moving. My girls & I are "losing" three of our closest friends. Not losing in the sense that we won't be able to see them again but in the sense that we won't be able to see them anytime - as we pretty much do now. Our families have become so close that we're almost like family now & things just won't be the same w/o them nearby.

Who's gonna:

- fill "their pew" in church?
- play the drums in the praise band?
- be willing to chat if I stop over w/ a Dunkin Donuts coolatta unexpectedly
- be willing to chat & offer me tea if I stop over unexpectedly w/o a coolatta in hand
- fill their slot in the food pantry team
- drive for youth group events bc they have the biggest car
- fill their spot in the coffee time ministry
- practically provide a second home/home away from home for my girls
- play in the rain & walk to the store to get a snack, & skateboard & laugh & play & play & laugh w/ my youngest daughter
- talk "boys" (two in particular) w/ my oldest daughter & go on double dates w/ her bc she's not allowed to "really date" yet
- etc. etc. etc....

Praise God that - as Michael W. Smith so eloquently said ... (& it's a good thing it's him saying it bc I'd blubber my way thru' it & probably clean out a box of kleenex in the process) ....

note: the only part I beg to differ w/ is the part where he says "it won't even seem you've gone".

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warriormom said...

so it's official??? I hate good-byes..guess that's why I keep people at arms length or further...I've already been missing them at church for the past few I have to go find tissues :{