Monday, August 31, 2009

When did this happen?!

Playmaker's first day of school - 2009

This new book bag was up there on her list of reasons why she was excited to start school again :) The coat too...Strike was away for a few days recently so Playmaker & I enjoyed some one on one time together. We went shopping & I bought her this jacket. She doesn't ask for much - & didn't need much in the way of school clothes. I like its timeless/classic look - & the charcoal grey color & how pretty she looks in it. She didn't wear it today - but she put in on before she left for school so I could get this pic. I just cannot believe how grown up she is. I miss her already.


Yiota said...

Your daughter looks lovely! Happy School Year to her.
*sigh* Don't they grow up too fast?

Scattering Lupines said...

She's so pretty! And I LOVE the bookbag-- putting a new, fun spin on boring old bookbags. Way to go, Playmaker!

Mug said...

They DO grow up fast...How pretty and wholesome Playmaker looks!

That bookbag looks as if it could be very versatile and durable! Classy!