Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sharing ... sunflowers

Early this cold, dark, January morning, God gave me ... sunflowers! He does that every now and then. It's how He made himself real to me once - and how He faithfully continues to do it. When I least expect it - and in such personal and creative ways - God "gives me" sunflowers.  Go ahead...call me crazy.  I actually hesitate to share about it here for fear of that. This time He led me to them ... to sunflowers aaallll the way over in Uganda - and in a most remarkable way - and via a very short short-cut:  The Journey  where Katie Davis shared her sunflowers, - and for whatever reason, I feel compelled to share them here. Today. In an attempt to...

comfort - a dear grieving blogger friend I've never actually met (Bunny

and to 

bless - another friend that I've emailed already this morning 

and to 

encourage a young friend. Actually, she's the daughter of my dear friend and is also my daughter's friend....hope that makes sense. She's considering going to teach in the Dominican Republic after high school and I think Katie's story in general would serve as such an inspiration to her.


God only knows how else He will use them
 if I do what I feel compelled to do
  and share these beautiful sunflowers
here, on my blog, with you ;) 

just click this pic...


"Weeks of wonder as small buds open into something glorious and beautiful.

And then so soon, they bend their heads and begin to die...

I see beauty in the outcome and sadness in the death,  
but they know beauty in the process." ...

- Katie Davis -
Monday, January 16 

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