Wednesday, January 4, 2012

12 picnics of 2012

I had an idea - that being to picnic our way, at least once a month, thru' 2012. And my husband is on board :) Soo -- that's the plan. From experience we both know that half the fun of picnicking, at least when/where we go, is getting there :)  Could get interesting during some of the colder months here in New England - but it's only January and it's really cold out as I type - yet, evenso, I can hardly wait to get started.   I have visions of familiar mountaintops, waterfalls, parks, seashores, shade trees, - and sunrises and sunsets in my head as I type but I'd like to try to fit in some off the wall/unconventional places to picnic too - and preferably at least a few places we've never been before. Hmm...where to go first?! 

How about you? Have you ever picnicked someplace unusual? I'd love any atypical suggestions for places to go, how to get there, what to pack, etc :) 


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

OOOOoooooh, what a great idea! How about a picnic on one of the little islands off the New England coast that still has a lighthouse? or maybe in Central Park, NYC? There are some great bike paths in your state if you can carry everything on two wheels! (all of these would be fine in the warmer months, though :)

warriormom said...

Sounds nifty! Our favorite one-time only picnic spot was our rock in the middle of the swamp ~ conditions were perfect, frozen and no snow. It will be fun to see what you come up with!

Pat said...

Fantastic idea!

MYstory of HIStory said...

Central Park ...I've never actually been there...driven by it is all. That could be fun! And the islands just off our coast...that's a must. I've only been to Martha's Vineyard - and then only briefly. Would love to bring our bikes & toodle around to find a nice spot! That's a must do if at all possible :)

And Warriormom...your own private island?! How romantic :) With the way the weather has been you just may get a second chance this year :)

Hi Pat! Thanks for stoppin' in! Heading over to your place next :)

mom24boys said...

Wonderful idea; wonderful inspiration! You get me thinking! An idea to share: a simple indoor picnic by the fireplace at home. Jeff and I have done that before!