Thursday, January 12, 2012

Practical Princess Playmaker

A few times a year maybe the girls and I will go poke around our local Salvation Army store and just see what we see.  Yesterday was one of those days for Playmaker and I. Among a few other fabulous finds, Playmaker found a bEaUtiFul dress for prom. A deep, rich but earthy olive green, strapless, formal gown with a hint of shimmer.  Just so pretty, simple and elegant. It fits almost perfectly but it's just a tiny bit too big on top.  The gown is a size 2 - so  I'm not even sure we would have found another anywhere else that would fit just right off the rack.   Another woman who happened to see her wearing the gown commented that it looked as if it were made just for her - and quite frankly that's what sealed the (incredibly good) deal - because it was an unsolicited and impartial assessment -  which I could not possibly have given, given the price (it was on sale for $5.99!  Yep - five dollars and ninety-nine cents! - Yes, seriously! I almost felt if I were shoplifting!  Even after I have it dry-cleaned and altered, it will still be a steal!)  - and the fact that mothers can do a lot of things but one thing they're just not equipped to do, is to be impartial when it comes to their own children. At least this mother can't.  I know my weaknesses :)

Sharing a pic would be too much like putting the carriage before the horse - but I assure you the dress is gorgeous - and it seems to have been woven with some sort of magical properties. All she had to do was slip it on over her jeans and - while my "little girl" was doing what little girls love to do - - picking out pretty things and "playing dress-up", ...

... I met a lovely and oh-so-grown up princess in a most peculiar place!  That being, The Salvation Army store. Yesterday.

She's already found herself a handsome prince. Actually - I think she had her eye on him waaay back when she probably really was still playing dress-up! :)

Now ... if her fairy godmother can just manage to find a pair of pretty slippers for the Practical Princess Playmaker ... well, that would be the perfect "ending" to the beginning of what appears to be a rather enchanting fairy tale unfolding .... as I type?!

Hmmm. I wonder ... is it a requirement that all happily ever afters begin with Once upon a time...? Because - if it is ... perhaps I should go back and rewrite this post?! ;)

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