Sunday, January 1, 2012

first things first

I've decided to keep a list on my side bar of things we do for the first time ever this year. Figure there's no more timely time to begin this list than this, the first day of the new year - especially considering that I already have something to add to it :)

Today, for the first time ever, we made homemade corn fritters. So easy! - and I don't care if I never make regular cornbread again! These tasty morsels are to die for :)  We served them plain with a big pot o' steaming hot chili ... but with butter and maple syrup they would be more like dessert. 

click HERE for the recipe. 
We used gluten free flour - and they were yuuuuummmy.


warriormom said...

Good for you!...and with gluten free flour no less! My mom made them all the time...I wish I could remember what we ate them with. Sounds wonderful with chili.

MYstory of HIStory said...

We were introduced to them when we went to the Old Mill recently. There they served them w/ butter & syrup - and it was love at first bite! We made more last night to have w/ ham & beans & this time we cooked them just a bit less, used half the salt & a can of cream corn (instead of regular canned corn) & dare I say they were even better than the first batch! One of my new years resoutions is going to hafta be not to eat too many of these! :)