Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Seems like only yesterday that I was celebrating New Years Eve & pondering resolutions. Well - it was only yesterday -  but you know what I mean ;)  Where does the time go?!

Christmas was fun!  Loved havin' our whole family all together for a few days. My husband has had the whole week off & we really didn't have much of anything planned & we haven't had to do much of anything that we normally do -  so it's been really nice. Low key.  Just been comin' & goin' as we please. Restful.  Had a big snow & windstorm right after Christmas. Hunkered down & enjoyed it from the inside out. Sat by the fire a lot. Read whenever I felt like it. Had a house full of kids over for fun & games one day. That certainly livened things up & we enjoyed their company.

We welcomed in the new year  w/ friends, food & fun.  I tried out a new recipe....Baked Brie encrusted in phyllo dough & topped w/ apricot preserves. Served it w/ sliced apples, grapes & crackers. Definitely worth making again & so simple. Slept in late this morning. Watched the Rose Bowl Parade. Went for a hike in the snow with my husband & the girls.  If ever I was a treehugger, it was today!  The trail was slick but we had a lot of fun. The weather was  beautiful. I overdressed & worked up a sweat but it felt so good to get outdoors & to get some exercise & fresh air.  Just finished a book too.  Perhaps more on that later.  My husband's cookin' dinner. It's not even 6:00pm & I'm goin' to put on my pjs & enjoy a quiet evening at home as I ease into this new year.

Happy New Year! 

You shall go out with joy & be led forth in peace;
Isaiah 55:12a  

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I love that quiet, peaceful time after Christmas,too. It's nice to just snuggle up on the couch with a book.

That's a beautiful photo. I can see why your hike was so refreshing!

Best wishes for the New Year :)