Friday, December 24, 2010


...from around our town & neighborhood.

The Common 

Something rather uncommon to find on a common these days. 
I look for it every year :) 

pub window

Another "common perspective"...
That boy statue looks frozen solid.
 Every now & then someone has compassion & gives him a new coat ;) 

 antique store window

 Our neighbor's window 

 "Funny" story. We've lived here about 10 yrs. - don't really even know this neighbor & his wife tho' who live just a few houses down & across the street.  They're an elderly couple. We're really friendly but not really friends. Anyhow -  yesterday he was in line behind me at the grocery store & I wasn't sure he'd recognize me out of context but we chatted a bit & I told him how pretty his front window looked & that I'd actually photographed it the night before - & it seems that compliment was the "ticket" for admission into their home...the key to their front door so to speak :)  He invited us in anytime to see it from the inside out! Apparently he & his wife have been collecting carolers over the years & each year they display their ever increasingly large collection beautifully in their front window. We'll probably stop over sometime very soon. I'm looking forward to getting to know he & his wife better after all these years! 

Our next door neighbor's front yard

  hanging from our dining room lamp

 a beautiful "bokeh" of lights!

I did it!  This is basically the same pic as the one above but out of focus. This is an actual photography technique...& it's called "bokeh".   I'd love to be able to claim that I've mastered it! --- but in all honesty, I captured this effect quite by accident. 


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troutbirder said...

Good for you! With people moving so much these days I'm sure its harder to make those city connections. We've been small town for so many years I've lost count. It took a while to get used to having grown up in the TwinCities...

Yiota said...

May you and your family have a blessed New Year!