Tuesday, December 14, 2010

true/very short/sad story

Was talking over dinner w/ friends last night. Their daughter has an overdue book at the library that she checked out w/ her very own library card. When her mom inquired about just which book was overdue  she was informed that they could not tell her.  The only one privy to that info is her daughter. The fact that she's only 5 years old(!) - had no bearing on the issue whatsoever.


Mug said...

Yes...Very sad...and scary....and terribly frustrating.
The government knows way more than it should about us, and we can't know about things we are responsible for with our own small child?...Go figure!

troutbirder said...

Huh? In a computerized society rules are simplified so the computer can be more efficient thus relieving the human brain from thinking and making sure that if something does go wrong noone is to blame because that would only cause confusion to the people who do not understand mathematical theory of inter planetary congruence. Yes!