Monday, December 13, 2010

Heartmelting Christmas Surprises

She has this way of wrapping her creations in the warmth that melts her glass - so - when I opened my mailbox the other day & found a package from her, it was more like opening the oven!  I unwrapped the surprise she'd sent & found myself wrapped in the warmth that wafted out.

Last year, I found this friendly fellow from her in my mailbox. The moment I laid eyes on him the corners of my mouth turned up like his & my eyes sparkled like he does. And -when we hung him on the tree again this year, it happened again!  


And ....three Christmases ago now she sent me something so meaningful that I've been paying it forward ever since. Its sparkle sparked a new tradition - a new ADVENTure  - that I've found to be much more meaningful than candy calendars.     

Only Christmas surprises from GlassMelts could warm (melt!) my heart the way they do. 


Yiota said...

This year's 'heartmelting' ornament is so beautiful! I love it!

Randi Sue said...

Love it

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

Beautiful! I love her work :)