Friday, January 21, 2011

Yet another snowday

Today was the third snowstorm/snow day in a little over a week!  There was a silver lining on those storm clouds tho'.... Daddy stayed home from work & the storm cleared out early enough for us to head out to a slippery slope...


Here comes trouble! 

Ready! Set! GO!!


That's me! :) ... Couldn't let them have all the fun.

Look out belooooow!

Somebody stop me! 

She's goin' down! 

We had a great time.  - Now we're bracing for the coldest temps we've seen in a long time & the weatherman is keepin' an eye on what looks to be yet another storm forming that may hit next week.   


mom24boys said...

Looks like a fun afternoon. And how prompt of you. We've got the shoveling thing down pat with all this snow. Jeff gives all the boys an area they are responsible for while he snow blows our wonderfully long driveway.

Today was a regularly scheduled day off for us because of MACS competition. But now it means no school the following week so they could reschedule MACS. Between now and winter break they will only have one full week of school if we are lucky.


MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Mom24....You say "ugh" - but I imagine the kids say "hoooraay!" ... At the end of the school year - you'll probably be sayin "yeah"! ... & they'll be sayin' "ugh". What goes around comes around ;) .. you should plan some special things to do - just for you - on those last few days tacked on bc of these snow days :)

Good thing you have some good helpers for your looooong driveway!