Saturday, January 8, 2011

I love saturdays

I love Saturdays. Slept in today &  it's been snowing this morning. My house smells like bacon. I'm making Boston Baked Beans in the crockpot & planning to make brown bread later. I've never made it.  Did you know it is actually steamed - not baked?  My husband's out getting the oil changed in his car & he saved me a trip to the grocery store too. Playmaker went over to her boyfriend's family's house to make crepes for breakfast. Spokes is comin' home later today. Strike is getting ready to go pitch to her dad in a nearby school gym.  I'm a bit anxious to finish up a few things that need to be done so I can just do what I want to do....that being nothing much at all really sit by the window under a blanket by the fire w/ a cuppa hot tea & peruse a couple magazines...maybe read a chapter of my book. Probably sounds boring to most. But there's really no place I'd rather be at the moment.

Hope you're enjoying the moment - wherever you are - as much as I am.


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Sounds like you had a day of soul-nourishing contentment to me, MyStory!