Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

This early morning the ground is covered with a white blanket - probably about a foot thick -  and made entirely out of ... snowflakes!

Under the microscope, I found that snowflakes were miracles of beauty,
 .... Every crystal was a masterpiece of design,  and no one design was ever repeated. 

Wilson (aka"Snowflake") Bentley (1865 - 1931)

Today is the first official snow day (No school!) of this winter.  Always a special occasion around here.  I'm not sure who looks forward to snow days more - me or the girls :)  They're so quiet. So peaceful. SO special that we celebrate them! Tho' not in ways that one would typically celebrate a special occasion. We celebrate snow days by sleeping as late as we want (tho' I like to get up early bc they seem to last longer that way) & stayin' in our PJs til whenever - and using the time they're so full of to do most anything we don't normally have time to do --  to entertain ourselves rather than to be entertained  -- and to use technology less (preferably no TV) and our imaginations more. They're ideal for cuddling under a blanket with a good book, lingering over a hot cuppa, lighting a candle, writing a handwritten letter,  sitting by the fire - and for being creative - for making just about anything - music, crafts, food. Toward that end, and assuming the conditions are right, snowdays are often the perfect time to make a friend of this nature...

This guy was a jolly happy soul! Made on a snow day way back in 2007.  Perhaps he'll come back again someday ;)

My husband's company even canceled work today - thereby making this the perfect storm as far as I'm concerned -  & making this particular snow day extra special, as I don't believe he has ever, in all the years we've lived here, enjoyed a snow day at home with us.

Soon we'll make what basically boils down to dessert for breakfast! --  a giant upside down apple pancake thats preparation is begun on the stovetop in a cast iron skillet then placed in the oven (skillet and all) to bake. Once it's done, all that's left to do then is to flip it out onto a platter, slice and serve warm - topped w/ vanilla ice cream and sprinkled w/ cinnamon. 

In hopes of reinforcing the "warm & cozy" generated by breakfast, and in an attempt to encourage it to linger as long as possible, a pot of beef stew will simmer for hours and I'll be baking a loaf of homemade bread. It's been much too long since I've done that. 

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, here's hoping that you also are able to find a reason and make time to celebrate today. 

Simple pleasures are the last healthy refuge in a complex world.

Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)


Yiota said...

Enjoy your special (snow) day!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

The apple pancake sounds sooo good right now! It would go great with my coffee this morning - our work was called off, too :)

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

You have the book!!!!!!! I love that book!

Nice snowman!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Yiota. Thanks for stoppin' in this morning. A;ways good to see you here :)

Farmgal - Enjoy your snowday too! Nice, huh?! :)

Lupine...No - I don't have the book :( I hope to add it to my collection soon tho'. I read it earlier this winter -- it's a beauty-FULL story.

Mug said...

Love, love, love that photo of "Frosty" and the girls!!!

And the apple pancake....yummmm!

Love the way your day is shaping up...Enjoy your beef stew and homemade bread:)