Thursday, January 20, 2011


Had a mixed group of kids & adults over the other night for Bunko (some spell it Bunco).  It had been long time since we had played. It's a mindless game. Requires no strategy whatsoever & there's nothing at all that one can do to improve their chances of winning. It can be as upscale  - or as kid friendly as a hostess wants to make it. Very players switch partners for every round - continuously throughout game.  The most challenging aspect is trying to get a group of 12  or 16  (or some exact multiple of 4) people (we had 13 so my husband & I took turns playing). Ya gotta have a bell at the head table (Table 1) & score sheets, pencils & three dice at every table.  Ya gotta have food -  conveniently located for players to graze on as they're movin' uptown or downtown - or stayin' put - depending if their team won or lost the current round. We ordered a giant sub & guests brought sides & snacks.  Ya gotta have tables for four - enough for the number of players you have. Ya gotta have prizes too.  They can be expensive - or very inexpensive.  Themed - or not.  --- something small at each table for the first bunko (three of whatever number your rolling for at any given time) at that table (we had packs of gum).  A traveller prize - in our case the traveller was the most expensive prize, that being a nerf football)  - but most prizes were about $1 each (candy) we did it on the cheap.  Every time someone gets a bunko the traveller is tossed to them & whoever gets the last bunko of the night wins it.  In the end prizes are awarded for most bunkos , least bunkos, most wins...& anything else you can think of to award prizes for....most consecutive wins... biggest loser, etc.

I first learned about Bunko from my friend over at GlassMelts. She had been in a group that met regularly (monthly - I think) for years & I subbed in now & then.  Later - when we lived on the West Coast - I was involved for awhile in a group that met regularly. Players took turns hosting Bunko at their homes. When we moved to New England people looked at me like I had two heads when I mentioned Bunko - but we've done our part to introduce it here & it's catching on.
In short, Bunko is SO-o easy to play. Not so easy to explain (Tho' I found a pretty good summary here - but we don't use the fuzzy die...we toss/pass the traveller prize itself) - and it's always good for lots of laughter ...  it filled our home with it the other night. Loved that.

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I've heard the name, but never knew anything about the game. Sounds like it would be a fun thing to do, especially this time of year!