Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yesterday a friend stopped by.  A friend that I've been more like two ships in the wind with for too long. When she arrived, I was in the midst of moving out of the corner of my world (even tho' I really needed to do laundry - which never did get done)  to make way for the piano - so my house was a mess. Something in my kitchen trash stunk - and she knew about our kitchen fire. My dog was crying like a BIG baby while we visited bc I had put him outside while she was here. And - did I say my house was a mess? :/  Oh well...the sweet thing is, she came to see me. Not my house. Well ... she may have been a bit curious to see the grease fire damage?! ;/ The ironic thing I was in the midst of cleaning out my corner, I came across a card she had given me quite a while back...a really sweet card that she had obviously taken some time to write - it was really more like a handwritten letter (remember those?). It meant a lot to me back then - enough that I tacked it to my wall in my corner and it's been there long enough that it became one of those things you see so often that you don't really see it anymore. Anyhow - as soon as I'd taken it down and re-read it after all this time, I emailed her to tell her about the treasure I had just re-disovered and how it reminded me of how much I missed her, etc. And - low and behold - within just a few minutes she showed up! The card was still sitting next to my laptop and she hadn't even seen that e-mail yet.  I had literally sent it just before she arrived with a sweet & thoughtful (and remarkably timely) gift in hand. 

God knows, I needed that. 


warriormom said...

What a gift!

mom24boys said...

Wow! How did I miss this one. Funny since I came on and read the one with pictures of Playmaker at the piano when it was current. Makes me think about God's timing.......I wasn't coming to bring plates because of the grease fire (which we had in common!) but because of the sunflowers and knowing you liked them. God knew! And absolutely I remember that card and that you had sent me an email right before I had shown up....remember you saying that to me!