Monday, October 17, 2011


Outside my window... it's a crisp, cool, sunny, breezy, fall day. 

I am thinking...about the comment  Playmaker's professor wrote on the front of a paper she got back today:  "... 4.0 - vividly written - brilliant use of epistolary form for this all to probably true story. You did an amazing job setting up suspense. I "raced" through to find out the mystery. Great creativity here. You have much writing talent. It is an honor to teach you. Keep up the excellent work." ... and I'm considering the power inherent in words of encouragement and how the professor's words here made Playmaker's face light up :) 

I am thankful...that my whole family was all together in one place yesterday - and that the siblings exchanged "love yous"  before my son left to head back home this morning. And - that my son did get hired on full time where he was interning at! 

From the learning rooms ...I am still learning about amazing grace - and this quote pretty much sums up where I'm at in relation to it at this point: 

"I'm convinced that getting a better handle on grace will give me a better chance of recognizing where I fail to offer it and for that matter to receive it."

Enuma Okoro  
Author of Reluctant Pilgrim 

In the kitchen...I'm planning to make banana bread.

I am wearing...A sweater, jeans and my Ugg boots. I've owned my Uggs for about 10 years now & we're practically one for about 6 mos out of the year ;)

I am creating...well - yesterday we all sat around the kitchen table and created a-corny treats! 

I am make a to do list today just so I can enjoy the sense of accomplishment I know I'll feel while checking off things as I finish them ;)

I am my husband and I can be two so very different people from the two people who were front & center on our wedding day - and yet continually love each other more every day. 

I am reading...

L.L. Barkat invites us to chase spirituality in much the same way a child chases the tail of a finding the beautiful balance between what's just beyond reach and what's entirely ours for the taking. Her words are full of hope, joy, wonder. --Holley Gerth, Senior Writer and Editorial Director, Dayspring, and Co-Founder InCourage

I am looking forward weekend, already :)

I am hearing...a lawnmower (and am pleased that it's my lawn being mowed! - by my daughter :) 

Around the house... We have a new baby!. A grand baby! ... well - actually ... it's a baby grand ; )  My daughter adores it. I'm anxious to see what she decides to name it ... only then will I know for sure if it's a boy - or a girl :) 

I am hoping... when the owner of the baby grand visits this evening, she will just know how much her precious piano is loved here in our home and that she will enjoy hearing my daughter play it for her. -  And - that Playmaker's wound that she got when she swallowed and her jaw clicked & the dentist's drill slipped - will heal well :/  

I am pondering...what motivated my son to go back and make it right with the store when he went shopping with his sister this weekend and bought his i-Pad and he realized that the clerk forgot to charge him for the leather cover he got for it at the same time - - and how proud I am of him for doing that. 

One of my favorite things... Sundays. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Soccer games, Dentist Appt. 

Here is a picture for a thought I am sharing... 

Just a flashback to Strike when she was little (she's now 14!)
 & we lived in Oregon.
I hope she's having a good day at school today. 
I miss her.

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