Monday, October 31, 2011

today - the calm after the storm

Outside my window...there is a heavy blanket of snow! We got about 18 inches in a freak October nor'easter this weekend. Our big beautiful tree just could not tolerate all the weight.  I am hoping she will pull through to live on and bloom again - but only time will tell.  Once we cut and clear away her broken limbs it looks like she'll only be about half as big as she was before the storm.  Much foliage was still on the trees when this storm hit and the trees just could not bear up under the weight of their snow laden leaves so there's a lot of tree damage around these parts. 

I am thinking...that the bright spot in all of this is that my husband didn't have to go to work today (no power at his office) and Strike doesn't have school. Playmaker only had one we will enjoy a low key day together.

I am thankful...that we have electricity. 

In the kitchen...Husband is cooking breakfast. I think I'll make some beef stew in the crock pot. 

I am wearing...sweats, wool socks and fleece long underwear. ALL DAY :) Oh happy day!

I am creating...hmmm....nothing at the moment. Need to do something about that.

I am tidy up my house, do laundry  and I think I am going to try not to complain about anything at all today. 

I am wondering...If I will be successful at what I am going to try to do today. 

I am reading...In His Image (see previous post). It is fascinating. 

I am hoping...that this incredibly big and early winter storm doesn't mean that we're in for a loooong winter.  

I am hearing...eggs frying. 

I am pondering...what caused Playmaker to pass out in class the other day. I think it may have had something to do with a hospital scene in a movie they were watching in class that involved blood. She sure gave us a scare. We headed straight to the Urgent Care Center and the doctor there recommended we go to the E.R. for further evaluation, which we did -- but they could find nothing wrong and she's been fine ever since. 

One of my favorite things...Sundays. I try to "celebrate" them by slooowing waaaay down and/or by spending time outdoors.

A few plans for the rest of the week that I'm looking forward to: Strike is having a tie-dye party here at the house with friends from school. They are tie-dying shirts purple and gold to wear during their upcoming school spirit week. Should be fun! 

- and -
Strike is going to homecoming on Friday! We went shopping for a dress this weekend. Found a really pretty one. She loves to dress up but has few reasons to do it. I think that's what she's looking forward to most of all :) 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

...this was taken yesterday. We helped some friends dig out from the storm and the girls left this fella behind to keep them company :) 

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I'm glad to hear you didn't lose power. That's very lucky, considering all the heavy snow on those limbs and power lines! I hope that in a few years time you'll only see a "hint" of what happened to your tree....may it fill out beautifully again :)

Enjoy your day!