Monday, October 24, 2011


Outside my window... Jack Frost visited for the first time of the season last night.

I am thinking ... about this: (click the image to enlarge it if needed)

I am thankful...for the warmth of the fire I'm sitting by as I type.

From the learning rooms...on Sunday nights we've been learning about grace for the past three weeks or so. Here's a glimpse of just some of my notes:

I love how the words on the surface of the page are given so much more depth when I learn their meanings in their original language and understand the customs and culture of the time and places in which they were written.

I'm hoping ...that someday, when I need it, someone will give me a magnifying glass strong enough for me to read the notes I've written on the pages of my Bible! :)

In the kitchen...I think I'll make some sort of egg/quiche/breakfast casserole for dinner.

I am wearing...My Uggs, Jeans & Red Sox sweatshirt -- and my long johns. 

I am creating my mind I'm creating a gift basket for a girlfriend who is 89 years young. 

I am wondering...where in the world I might get to explore next and when I will have another opportunity to travel.

I am reading... 

THE VOICE OF GOD IS A HEARTBEAT AWAY In Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Philip Yancey and Dr. Paul Brand revealed how God's voice is encoded in the very structure of our bodies. In His Image takes up where its predecessor left off, beckoning us once again inward and onward to fresh exploration and discovery. Yancey and Brand show how accurately and intricately the human body portrays the Body of Christ. In five sections---Image, Blood, Head, Spirit, and Pain---the acclaimed surgeon and the award-winning writer unlock the remarkable, living lessons contained in our physical makeup. This Gold Medallion Award-winning book will open your eyes to the complex miracle of the human body, and the even more compelling spiritual truths that it reflects. via

I am not  looking forward to...helping Strike with her homework because I know next to nothing about Beowulf. I even had to look up how to spell it for this post.

I am hearing... Strike trying on Playmaker's homecoming dress and Playmaker telling Strike how nice it looks on her.  -- 
And Playmaker is sniffing. A lot. As in enough already :( That's a nasty cold she has :/

Around the house...Strike has no school and Playmaker only had one class so it will be nice to have both of the girls home today. 

I am I think too often I make decisions out of fear rather than faith.

One of my favorite things ... is music.

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