Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In August we procrastinated with our monthly 25th Anniversary celebration and before we knew it, it was the end of the month and Hurricane Irene foiled any attempt at throwing something together last minute. But - this month was a different story altogether. We took the whole family to see The Lion King in NYC!!  If you remember, my husband and I saw it back in January. It was our first Broadway show ever...and I knew my kids HAD to see it too! Had to!  The big difference this time was that my husband drove us into the city. Yikes! But it wasn't so bad - and we had a ton of fun!

 The m&m store is three stories tall! 

The Lion King gives me some inkling of an idea of how much FUN God must have had when He created the originals of all the things artists "re-created" for this show!!  --  such an AMAZING display of human creativity on so many levels!  

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