Friday, October 7, 2011

the emptiest day

As I was in the shower this morning, I asked God to make Himself real to me today - and to use me to make Himself real to someone else. And they came right to mind. 

Today they are saying good-bye to their young adult (only 30yrs old) son who just passed away. My heart aches for them.  I've been praying for them. We've been praying for them. I know them - but I don't know them very well. And I've been trying to think of something/anything more that I can do or say, other than just make finger sandwiches for the fellowship time after the funeral. I know some people think fresh cut flowers are frivolous...but - I think this is it. Yes. I think this is what I should do. God made Himself real to me in such a remarkable and personal way once - and He used sunflowers to do it. I've never ever forgotten it.  

I hope I can find a bouquet of sunflowers somewhere today. 

Dear God, 

Please help me find some sunflowers today. 

They need them.

"They say that I can find You in a flower
But I need You in the car."

Excerpt from The Emptiest Day - by Caedmon's Call


Come near to God and he will come near to you.
James 4:8a

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