Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Thought I'd give this Simple Woman's Daybook a try.  Maybe I can make it a regular Monday thing.  Hopefully it will serve as a window into my "everyday world" for anyone who reads it - and as a journal of sorts for me. 


Outside my window...Leaves are changing into their autumn best. I think we're about a week from Peak. 

I am thinking...about Spokes (my son) a lot today. He is supposedly going to be offered a full time job today in his area of expertise (Computer Science). He's excited....he thinks. I had great fun shopping w/ him yesterday for "Career/Professional Clothes!"  Dress pants, shirts, shoes and a handsome black metro overcoat! 

I am thankful...So thankful that we still have a house today. Last night I experienced my first ever grease (actually it was olive oil!) fire! Yikes!!! WOW....it shot up SO FAST!!  The cabinet above the stove bubbled! And we need to repaint the ceiling :/  This thing was intense! I mean big....as in pretty much consumed the whole area above our stove top to the ceiling!!So grateful my husband was home. I ran away .... as he ran toward it and took care of it. I shudder to think how things might have been so different if he wasn't home. Choosing to be thankful here bc I know it could have been SO MUCH worse. 

From the learning rooms...I assume this category is for homeschoolers but not sure. But since life is a classroom, I learned last night NOT to put water on a grease fire!! If you can, get the pan away from the flame - but don't put in water!!! Or - I also learned you can use baking soda to douse it. Or put a lid on the flame. Did I say DON'T put water on it?! 

In the kitchen...(see above what I'm thankful for!)

I am wearing...A black fleece top & jeans. I found stretch fleece Cuddle Duds this weekend. Bought a top. Looooove it. If only it never needed to be washed, then I could wear it every day.  

I am creating... a Thank You (Eucharisteo!) God for _____________ Journal in an attempt to list 1,000 things. Was inspired by the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. 

I am going...to do laundry today! 

I am wondering ... - After Sunday evening's sermon, I am wondering why in the world God chose me?! 

I am reading...well, I just read Reluctant Pilgrim. Perhaps more on that later. Just ordered a book called God in the Yard.

I am hoping...that if my son gets this job, the company will compensate and treat him well. 

I am looking forward to...hopefully going for a walk in the fall foliage with my husband this evening.

I am hearing...My daughter's piano teacher teaching her in the other room. 

Around the house...there is much to be done today. 

I am pondering... Grace.

One of my favorite things...homemade bread

A few plans for the rest of the weekI need to paint in my kitchen and move out of my corner of the world to make room for a baby grande piano we're going to rent ... The owner needed to store her piano - and we were looking to buy or rent one - Just amazed(!) at how this all came together - & that this arrangement is going to be affordable for us - and mutually beneficial for both the owner and us - and how this seems to be a match made in heaven! Playmaker is SO excited!!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...No pic this time. Sorry. If I manage to take one today, I'll post it later. 



Dawn said...

Glad to have you join in! Thanks for the tips on grease fires and glad you all are ok! The Lord is amazing, in all things. Blessings!

warriormom said...

Oh my, kitchen fires are so scary. So excited for Playmaker and the piano. What a blessing! What make is it? I had high hopes but filling the house with grandchildren instead!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Dawn. Welcome!!

Hi warriormom. It's a 1930's Chickering (I think that's how you spell it). Yep, a blessing indeed. - I'm definitely including that in my Thank You God for _______ Journal! :) Perhaps when we get it you can come over to visit it....and me?! :)

Jerralea said...

Welcome to Daybooking! I'm so glad that your grease fire was contained. I know that had to be scary!

I'm making a Eucharisteo Journal as well. I'm up to #390. Some days are hard, but you can always find at least one gift to list!