Tuesday, September 8, 2009

got a pencil...& some patience?

Chances are the pencil will be the easier of the two to find.

Last night while blogsurfing I landed & lingered here : http://captainquasi.blogspot.com/ & revisited again this morning. From there I followed links that led me to lots of interesting e-locations. Following are some bits & pieces I collected along the way that I thought to share. If you enjoy them as I did, stop over to captainquasi - let him know - & poke around there for awhile on your own :) I have NO IDEA who he is other than that he is self described as "an interesting fellow" & from what I gather...he is true to that form :)

If you've got a pencil perhaps you can do something like this...

Pencil Art by Linda Huber

using the artist's drawing tips. One thing you should know... much of her work takes 20 - 80 hours to complete! Her website art gallery is a must see.

No pencil?! .... Well then --- perhaps you have some crayons on hand? They'll do fine too.

Katie's Garden
by Don Marco - The Master Crayon Artist


via: http://thecrayonartist.blogspot.com/

No pencil & no crayons either?! Well - how 'bout some chalk?....

White Water Rafting


Meeting Madame Butterfly

Hmm....What great possibilities these simple tools pack when they're wrapped in the patience required of their potential!

The end of a matter is better than its beginning,
patience is better than pride.
Ecclesiastes 7:8


Mug said...

Oh, I love this art! I do believe my favorite is JUST ADD WATER:)

I haven't checked out the sites yet, but I plan to tonight when i have more time.....time? What is that?:(

P.S.I told my students you and Strike were reading Rifles for watie AND going to do the quote journal!:)....and that you live far away in New England.

Quasi said...

Hi! Cap'n Quasi here...

Many sincere thanks for the nice comment you left back at my Quarters...you put a smile on the Cap'n's face, ye did!

I am indeed an interesting fellow, and my interests run far and wide, but mostly to the beautiful and uplifting when I can come across them.

I like yer blog...it's "Yada-ness" is very apparent and quite pleasin' to boot!

Much good luck and many great blessin's to you, and thanks for the friendly link...In the words of General McArthur "I shall return" here often!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Mug.... I know...FUN stuff huh?! Hope you find some time to go blogsurfing soon as well... It helps to have a general direction to head in....there's SO much yuck out there.

And WELCOME Cap'n Quasi!- Or should I say AHOY THERE! You kinda sound like Popeye to me :) Back at ya w/ blessings & General McArthur's words!

Quasi said...

Ah, thanks be to ye fer the fine welcomin'...I do sound like Popeye, but I look more like Bluto, or Brutus, dependin' on which name suits ye best!

Randi Sue said...

My kids would love these. Thanks!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Your welcome, Randi Sue! I tho't they were so neat too...such creativity from such simple tools.