Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Does "nothing" exist?

This man is trying to prove to the world that "nothing" doesn't exist. Find out how (prepare to be amazed!) - & why (sad - a tissue in hand may come in handy)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.
John 1:1-3

Special Note: I found this video over at Henley the Great Dane Says "Boof!" Perhaps when you think of this post you'll keep her Daddy in prayer as she requested here.


Scattering Lupines said...


I think he's succeeded!

(P.S. that's what I do! I work with children who can't learn to read and write in the traditional classroom!)

Bunny Wilson said...

Thanks so much for passing along the prayer need for my dad. It's just so, so sad.

Love from Florida

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Lupine. Really? That's what you do! WOW! That's wonderful. I had a little brother who had Downs Syndrome. HE taught ME sooo much!

I guess I found this video to be so sad bc of what this guy claims he was taught at such an early age ... that he was "nothing"! He certainly found an incredible way of proving his teachers wrong :)

Hi Bunny. Sure! Happy to pass it along my friend.

Bunny Wilson said...

I teach piano and have a couple of students who will probably never be great or even good pianists. But, there is great joy to be found in teaching music as the art that it is instead of simply playing an instrument. I've even thought about offering classes to those with learning disabilities. Music is such a universal language and I really do believe that it's one of those things the Lord gifted us with, whether to play or to enjoy listening to. It touches the heart.

MyStory of HiStory said...

I agree, Bunny. My little brother LOVED music ...esp country western & church music :) I believe as you say - it is a language. I can speak (sing!) it - can't read it tho :( - but I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy it.

I say give it a try...teaching special needs people. You may find - as i did w/ my brother - that you learn more from them than you could ever hope to teach them but I have to think it would be mutually rewarding.

Mug said...

oh, WoW! This man is such a unique individual! I simply can't imagine the painstaking patience and INTELLIGENCE...not to mention must take to do what he does.....and the sculptures are sooo GoOd!

"Nothing" DOES exist....only it isn't "nothing", after all!

Thank you for sharing all of these unique videos you find:-)....