Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Found these words over at It's Like Herding Cats - A pastor's life - & they made me think (some of my tho'ts are in green) - in fact, I've been thinking about them a lot - for several days now- & find it hard to stop - thinking about them, that is. Since this has been on my mind so much, I guess it's only natural that it would end up here:

“Live churches are constantly changing. (not necessarily what they teach/preach - but how they reach) Dead churches don’t have to.

Live churches have lots of noisy kids. (seems to me there should be lots of different colors of them too) Dead churches are fairly quiet.

Live churches move out in faith (allowing the Spirit to lead - which brings me back to my first tho't) . Dead churches operate totally by human sight.

Live churches focus on people. Dead churches focus on programs. (Amen!)

Live churches are filled with tithers. Dead churches are filled with tippers. (Ouch)

Live churches don’t have ‘can’t' in their dictionary (so they DO something). Dead churches have nothing but (so they talk the talk - a lot - but don't DO much of anything - other than what they've always done).

Live churches strategize about vital kingdom issues. Dead churches focus on the mundane. (Amen!, again)

Live churches evangelize. Dead churches fossilize.” (my tho'ts ... exactly)

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Scattering Lupines said...

So, ACTION, DIVERSITY, and oriented to the PEOPLE.

I've been reading Mark. A lot of that makes me think about Jesus' teachings to the Pharisees.