Thursday, July 15, 2010


Just tho't to share here a DVD series we're going thru' this summer w/ a group (mix of Jr. High, High-School & College students & adults) from our church.

....TrueU is an apologetics training series primarily geared to help prepare high school students for the rigorous challenges and attacks that will confront them on the university campus. My guess is that it will end up benefiting a whole lot more folks than just high school seniors.”
Dr. Del Tackett, Focus on the Family / The Truth Project

The goal of TRUE-U is to equip participants to confidently answer "scientific" arguments that are frequently leveled against biblical faith & the evidence presented is on par with what collegians can expect to encounter in a university biology or philosophy course. Lessons taught by Dr. Stephen Meyer* are academic and challenging (e.g., in-depth exploration of the structure of the DNA molecule, discussion of mathematical probabilities, etc.)

It's really good stuff presented in an interesting/attention-grabbing way that has generated some great discussion as we examine the evidence - of which there is an abundant supply - for why we believe what we believe.

Check it out

"I now see the necessity of a beginning."
Albert Einstein
*Dr. Meyer serves as Director and Senior Fellow of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute, in Seattle, Washington. He holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge University in the History and Philosophy of Science, having written his doctoral dissertation on the methodology of historical sciences and the history of origin of life biology. Dr. Meyer earned undergraduate degrees in physics and geology, and worked as a geophysicist prior to undertaking his Ph.D. studies. Before joining the Discovery Institute, he taught at the collegiate level for twelve years.

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Yiota said...

I would really like to watch that! Science and religion are two things I admire and I'd love to find common ground between them.
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