Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pretty! & More Pickles :)

Just a few snapshots from my garden.

I didn't realize this about Morning Glories....

...that they make their debut from this unusual cone shaped spiral blossom
but never take that same lovely form again.
Instead they open & close differently as the lower blossom shows.

My first sunflower of the season

This fine fella is destined to become a jar of bread & butter zucchini pickles.

and speaking of pickles - I made more yesterday.
These are spicy dills made w/ jalepenos & red hot pepper flakes.


Yiota said...

You've been busy I see!
Love the pictures of your garden!

GlassMelts said...

You have been very busy! My sunflowers are done for the year. I may try replanting for a fall round and see what happens.

Randi Sue said...

Levi loves morning glories.