Sunday, July 25, 2010

He was a prisoner who became ... a president

If you ask me, Invictus is an epic illustration of what true forgiveness really is ... and the power that is inherent in it.

Click the pic to learn more by watching the trailer - or don't ... & let the powerFULL story unfold before you in its entirety for the first time on screen.

I've mentioned before how I love movies where I can relate to the characters to some degree. Well, it just so happens that I also love movies with characters who I wish I could claim to be more like. If only for his example in leading a nation by being the example of the change he wanted to see, Nelson Mandela is no doubt one of those people & Invictus is undeniably one of those movies.

When we were in Senegal recently, we visited a former slave house on Goree Island. At one point we were shown to a chamber where "misbehavin'" slaves were sentenced to for at time as punishment for their misdeeds. The chamber was more like a tiny cave... too small to even stand up in. Dark. Dank. Often several slaves were crammed into it at one time. We learned that Nelson Mandela had visited there too & when he did, he insisted on entering the chamber himself . Alone. When he emerged, he did so with tears in his eyes. No doubt after being imprisoned for 27 years (Tho' orginally sentenced for life) & forced to do hard labor in a lime quarry, this antiapartheid activist could relate better than most to the sufferings endured there.


Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

I love your mini-movie reviews! Just so ya know, I promptly rented the "Young Victoria" after you introduced me to it a few weeks back. Thanks. It was very good! Loved it. And now I see I'll be adding "Invictus" to my netflix que!

troutbirder said...

Although quite familiar with the story I found this still one of the best and most inspiring movies I'd seen in some time. I tried to start a second blog to do book and movie reviews but summer apparently wasn't the best timing for that cause! :)

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

Ay, this is one of my favorite movies! Amazing.