Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July

I've been havin' some camera issues so I'm a bit behind on
posting "current events" but am hopin' to do some catching up today.

Our 4th of July was spent on the water swimming, skiing, wakeboarding & tubing
-- havin' a grand 'ol time ... until my husband took a spill while skiing & gave
me one of the biggest scares of my entire life! I have never ever seen him in
such pain & in the first few minutes after his spill, I was SO afraid he'd
either broken his back or his neck - but after he managed to replenish the wind
that had been knocked out of him & was given some time to recoup, he managed
to hoist himself back into the boat on his own & hindsight seems it indicate
that he probably cracked a rib or two. - Needless to say, he opted to stay home & rest while we ventured out that evening to celebrate our nation's birthday by watching some fabulous fireworks in a nearby town. We had nice time - but somethin' (someone!) was missing :(

Fast Forward to now....Each day he improves but still when he sneezes (which he tries to avoid at all costs!) it's agonizing. The other night he sneezed & I thought he might be having a heart attack! Poor guy. I'm just so thankful it wasn't worse & that each day he's getting better.

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Ouch! Hope he's better soon!