Monday, July 12, 2010

The Glass Castle

This is one of Playmaker's required summer reading books. Initially I did not want her to read it - or to force her to think deeply about some of the stuff I knew was in here in order to wrap words around her responses to the assigned questions. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt perhaps she should read it - & I read it too. As I read it, I shared much of the story w/ my husband & all I will say is this book has certainly prompted A LOT of conversation between the three of us - much of which has been about some stuff that's really much easier to avoid, than to discuss.

For much more info & insight (including a short "worth watching" video clip of the author), click this pic:

"...while Rex and Rose Mary firmly believed children learned best from their own mistakes, they themselves never seemed to do so, repeating the same disastrous patterns that eventually landed them on the streets. " - Excerpt from review

My Short Summary: Heart-wrenching & incredibly thought provoking


Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

I thought of Farmgal when I found the blog!

When you are posting, there should be a " (quotation mark icon) in your little tool bar. Hit that when you want to create space between pictures, lines, paragraphs. Also, it adds spaces if you put in pictures AFTER you have typed everything.

Let me know if that makes no sense or you can't find the " icon!

Mug said...

Good Morning, MyStory! Thank you for your visit to my blog after my lonngg absence!

I have NOT read this book, but I DID check out your link and, I liked what the Amazon review said about Ms. Walls NOT succumbing to being a victim (of society & her parents)...and of her being able to see past the horrors of her childhood to grasp some of the things her parents HAD, in their self-absorbed way, taught her....such as not drowning in circumstances but making the best of them....learning Spanish through their paper-thin apartment walls? ...seeing homelessness as an adventure...learning to be independent?

I love the way y'all have decided to make this a family "project" so as to help your daughter complete her assignment and, at the same time, help her not to "drown" in reading this book on her own and ONLY hearing what her teacher might have to say about it...Keep up the GREAT parenting!

Oh, Dear! I've GOT to refrain from these lonngg comments, or I'll "run away" from blogging again....aarrgghh!

Seriously, though, I love the way y'all are teaching your children to be IN the world...but not OF the world!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Thx Lupine!! I'll give it a try.

Oh Mug - It's SO good to have you back :)