Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What on earth is a BLURB?

Well - now that I know the answer to that question, I'm wondering if perhaps I should just write a Children's blurb ... to start with anyhow. Strange tho' - as it almost seems too easy.... but it sure looks like fun!


Perhaps I should "publish" some of my favorite posts in a "blog-blurb"


Maybe - just maybe - when my children get married, I'll give each of them an Oh SO personal (!) cookblurb

Just click on each of the links above & have fun poking around to discover some of the other fun possibilities & potential that blurbs possess :) ... or just click here:


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

LOVE the cookblurb...great idea....

and YES! looks like a walk in the rain for us.....

more later, my friend


warriormom said...

I downloaded the software ages ago but my PRINCESS PROCRASTINATOR got the better of me and ....that's as far as I got!! I bet you'll do some amazing blurbs!