Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do you coast? (TROMS Pt 4)

Holley compares our story to a bikeride ... if you always ride in the same gear, it's exhausting. She contends that God designed us to have periods of rest to gain momentum ("coasting"), that He gave us different gears on purpose - & that the best example of "coasting" is the gift of a Sabbath.

Q. How Do you Coast?

A. I coast with my husband &/or my kids - but away from most other people - & definitely outdoors...kayaking, hiking, picnicking, biking. I find visiting new places to be especially inspiring/motivating. Most evenings my husband & I go for a walk to catch up & unwind. In particular we love (always have!) walking in the rain (especially warm summer rains) & snow (honestly, I think our neighbors think we're a bit crazy!). Fall leaves are fun to tromp thru' too & warm summer nights are a welcome reprieve after a long, cold winter.


If/when I coast in solitude, oftentimes I write (blog!) whatever comes to mind.

Q. How about you? How do YOU coast?


Scattering Lupines said...

I love that you two take walks in the rain together!

My Husband doesn't like to walk with me. He says I can't just stroll :) Hmmm.... so what DOES that say to me about myself? Ouch!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

we love to walk buddy in the rain..
i haven't been here in a while...miss visiting here..

i love your random act of kindness every day..great idea...

i'll be back soon....