Friday, February 5, 2010

What are your strengths? (TROMS Pt 9)

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a personal characteristic that can be used on behalf of God in service to others.

Today's (Yes! I'm finally caught up :) Question:

What are your strengths?

A. Here, it struck me(!) - that some, of my strengths are things I enjoy doing... things I recently identified when I posted a list of things that make me happy! Tho' oddly enough & in all honesty, it feels more like bragging when I identify them as strengths - but that IS the assignment - so here goes....a list of some things that I both enjoy doing & consider to be personal strengths:

Writing (Communicating)



Sharing is different from giving in that it involves taking. The process of "give & take"encourages relationship which, quite frankly, is what I believe we were created for! I honestly believe that what God created (His Works) & inspired (His Word), He did in order to to "communicate relationship" ... with Him & with each other.


Note: This might seem like an odd thing to list here - but I think it qualifies as a strength because the more up close & personal that I'm able to explore creation/nature, the better I understand the nature of the Creator! Maybe I should just lump it together w/ the next one....


Note: The more I REALLY understand after studying, exploring, researching, reading, writing, calculating, etc ..... the better I feel like I know God & the more effectively I'm able to share what I'm learning with others.
Being Creative ... how I use my time, money, energy, & God given abilities to express what He has shown, taught, & done for me ... in hopes of sharing Him with others.


If I ever stop caring, I hope I die. Caring is what motivates me to do so much of what I enjoy!. I see people around me who seem to have lost their abilility to care about anything or anyone other than themselves & some who have even lost that (!) & that ..... is just SO sad.


4 Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Ephesians 2:10


How about you? What are YOUR strengths? Not sure? Click here for a list of possibilities. Following is a strength test I found there too:

Service - Does it help me serve God and others?

Time - Has it been present throughout much of my life?

Relationships - Do others see this?

Energy - Do I feel energized when I'm living this way?

Natural - Does this come naturally to me most of the time? OR do I know God has intentionally developed this in me even though it doesn't?

Glory - Does God ultimately get the glory from it?

Trials - Even in hard times, does it usually come through somehow?

Heart - Does this really feel like a core part of who I am?


Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

"If I ever stop caring, I hope I die." Ditto! What's it all worth without it? Perhaps it wasn't meant to be funny (but hey, laughter is one of my strengths), so when I read this, I almost snorted my drink up my nose. Relating and laughing at meself! Thanks for sharing, again. You really are caught up!

Stacey said...

Isn't it great to think that God wants us to enjoy the strengths He has freely given us? When we work out of our strengths we are energized, blessed and bring Him glory! It is a beautiful thing!

Bless you,

Suzanne said...

I love your thoughts on sharing. I had never thought about the giving and the taking but you're right. And I agree...we were made to be in community to live sharing.


Anonymous said...

Love your list!! I'm right there with you on so many of those strengths--what fun! And I agree that it was hard for me to post the assignment :) So glad you did though!

Nishant said...

Thanks for sharing, again. You really are caught up!

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