Thursday, February 11, 2010

What are your skills? (TROMS 10)

I have some catching up to do as it relates to
The Rest of Your Story - 21 Day Challenge over at heart to heart with holly

Skill: A strength expressed in a specific way that builds up others and benefits the Kingdom.

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A. Communicating, organizing, leading/administration - are a few that come to mind.

I kinda wish I had more "hands on/creative skills" .... but somehow creativity (the fun part!) works itself out sometimes.

My skills along these lines were honed when I was in the workforce. Among various other jobs, I worked as an Administrative Assistant/Secretary to various executives - 4 men/2 two women. Four of the six were no doubt, perfectionists. I think it's safe to say that two (& possibly more) of them were OCD. One would walk around the office picking things out of the carpet (seriously!) & he had white carpet w/ plastic runners all over his practically perfect home. And another... well let's just say I shudder to think of how many trees in the forest we essentially depleted editing & tweaking letters over & over again until they were "juuuust right".

I will say that from all of this experience, I learned to write concisely/precisely - to wrap words tightly around my thoughts using as few words as possible. That's good when when one wants be articulate/accurate in what they convey...but not so good when you just want to tell a good story & your vocabulary is rather limited to mostly non-descriptive words! I enjoy writing "the story way" but I find it to be challenging - & when I do, I tend to lean heavily on a thesaurus!

Of all of the executives I worked for, the ones I admired most were the ones whom the adjective "perfectionist" didn't really fit. They tended to be much more enjoyable to be around (for one thing - they had a sense of humor!) & to work with/for - more relaxed - more approachable, interactive, appreciative & easily satisfied, less selfish - & in general, I think they both earned & received .....more respect.

When I consider "all of this" this in terms of my faith, I'm so incredibly/eternally grateful that the words "Well done, good & faithful servant..."(Matthew 25) are what I'm aspiring to when I stand before The LORD, & that His Son has fulfilled all of the perfection requirements in that regard on my behalf - because not once, not ever(!) have I managed to do anything (let alone everything!) perfectly. Because of my history, if it weren't for His story .... I'd have no hope.


Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

I'm so not the perfectionist, so you won't find me picking things out of a carpet. Much less, find it vaccumed! Thanks for sharing your journey. I'll be 'seeing' ya. :)

Nishant said...

I'm speechless! How wonderful!.

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