Tuesday, March 13, 2012

when your lent stinks

Just capturing some "food for thought" here regarding Lent from a recent thought provoking post by Ann Voskampe over at A Holy Experience. To read more of her thoughts/her entire post on this subject of Lent, click HERE.

“Four or five months of the year, the grey whale, she doesn’t eat at all.” He’s cut the engine, waiting, scanning.
He says it quiet, “When a whale fasts, it breaks down its fat stores. And that process, ketosis — it makes a whale stink.” ...
When a whale fasts, it stinks.


When a sinner fasts, it stinks.
It stinks to come to the fleshy end of yourself, to wring out your day and face it: how all your efforts at fasting, at being pure, at being good, amount to a mound of reeking mess.
 And the stink of a struggling Lenten fast? This is the purifying of the bloated allusions of self — and fasting hold of the only Savior.
When we murmur, “God? In me, I can do nothing”  – this is exactly the moment when God says He can now do something in us.

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