Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple Woman's Snow-day Book

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Outside my window ... S*N*O*W!  And it's  so quiet. No school busses driving by.  Today is the first official snowday of the season - and it's March 1st!!  We enjoy snowdays "snow much". I really coulda used one before the holidays - but - there's never a bad time for a snowday in this house :) We celebrate them by doing things we don't normally do and the only rule ... NO TV :)  Today I think for the most part we'll just hunker down and enjoy the storm from the inside out.  Both girls are already celebrating ... by sleeping in late :)  Can't say that I blame them.

I'm creating... well I'm getting ready to make some coffee & fully loaded banana bread. Does that count?  The bread will be loaded w/ lotsa good stuff ... applesauce, oats, flax & chia seeds.  

I'm wear the comfiest of comfy clothes today. Cook breakfast for lunch - or maybe for dinner -  with the girls later. Watch a movie with them. Maybe do some reading (my current read is Pride & Prejudice) & poke around on Pinterest and who knows what else?!  Only time will tell ... bc I really have no plan. That's the beauty of snow days! 

One of my favorite things...Well - if you haven't figured it out, I love snow days! :)

Favorite Quote ...  

I'm looking forward to: A Facetime date with my husband! ... and he just texted me so I gotta go. He's in Taiwan.  It's morning here & night there -- 13 hour time difference. 


tr said...

I'm thrilled that you have snow! We have gotten very little so far this year and it really hasn't felt like winter in OH. Enjoy your unexpected day of rest!

troutbirder said...

Indeed a wonderful day. Being retired from the classroom kinds takes the thrill out of it for me...:)

warriormom said...

I like that quote!...and that you're getting to have some facetime with hubby.