Monday, March 5, 2012

recipes i must try

If you must try them too, just click the pics to link to the recipes :) 

supercharge me cookies

goat cheese quiche w/ hashbrown crust

man-pleasing chicken


honey bourbon chicken
(my note: there's no bourbon in it...& it looks to me like the teriyaki chicken you get at the mall!! :)

pesto chicken stuffed shells

baked pesto chicken

homemade play-doh
(Playmaker is supposed to babysit at our house tomorrow eve.
 This could be fun!)


troutbirder said...

Yummy. I especially like peppers stuffed from my garden. And bourbon chicked... now is that a waste or a very special treat...?

Mug said...

Yum! Ever since our children were little, I have enjoyed trying healthy cookie recipes! ...And I can't wait to try this one!