Sunday, December 4, 2011

simple woman's daybook 12-5-11

edited a bit 12/6/11

Outside my's dark - just after 5:00 AM - 42 degrees.

I am have learned about a profession called Functional Medicine and to have been "prescribed" some  specific and healthy  things to do/try that very well could help our daughter feel better. 

In the kitchen and a
round the house ... is where I plan to spend most of today catching up on laundry, cooking & quilting. 

I am creating... a quilt.

From the learning rooms...I've been learning that there is something good about homeopathic/holistic healthcare - as opposed to taking medication or having surgery for whatever ales you before even considering other more natural and/or less invasive approaches to dealing with it - and I'm thinking there should be a better balance in general between the two quite different approaches to healthcare. 

I am wondering... Do you know what this is?

 It's a box of matches all dressed up for winter 
- and -
it's a gift my friend made and gave me when she came over the other day. 
Pretty cute - huh?! 

I am looking forward doing some Christmas shopping at a candy store, hopefully later this week with my husband - and to receiving my new totally grain free cookbook in the mail.
click the pic

I'm reading...  

click the pic 

& may read ...

click the pic
The very short video of the author that  you will be linked to if you click the pic is interesting to say the least. It's not necessarily all about gluten ... but - it is all about wheat & well worth it for anyone - not just those with wheat/gluten sensitivity to at least watch & consider.

I am going... to snail mail only a few Christmas cards this year. 

I am thinking... whatta FUN and complete SuRpriSe! these were to find in my mailbox from a good friend & fellow blogger & quilter - along with the instructions for how to make them!...

It was a totally unexpected surprise that made my day!! 

Thank you SO much, mommazim! :)

I am hearing...the clock ticking.

One of my favorite things... is exploring places I've never been before.

Pics for a thought I'm sharing:

study buddies 

I'm pondering...well - I'm still pondering last week's sermon about the Trinity.  Here's just a few of my notes:

  1. In God there is one indivisible essence w/ three distinct persons. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Each possessing the characteristics of personhood - intellect, emotion, will (ability to determine/purpose a plan to obtain a desired result). The indivisible essence of God belongs equally to all three "persons"and each person posesses the whole essence of God.

    With the understanding that we can't really comprehend the Trinity, as I tried to understand it, it seems God has given us lots of evidence of the Trinity both in Scripture and in nature to study in attempt to understand/know Him better. 

    The Trinity of God is expressed in nature/creation: 

    The Universe: Space, Matter, Time

    Space:  Height, Length, Depth

    Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas

    Energy:  Light, Heat, Sound

    Time:  Future, Present, Past

    Man: Body, Soul, Spirit

    Personhood: Intellect, Emotion, Will

    And there was more...about how The Father, Son & Holy Spirit "interact" with us - each doing their "part" if you will in regards to our salvation, adoption, prayer, ministry, etc. but I just could not write fast enough ... :)

    My thoughts: This reminds me of ...

    - a quote

    Every artist paints his own nature into his pictures.
    - Henry Ward Beecher - 

    - a time: 

    - a verse:  

    Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. - Ecclesiastes 4:12


mamazim said...

You are so welcome. I thought it would 'serve' as a good idea for your large heart of giving by including the pattern!!! I forgot to include in the note that the buttons are very old. They came from my Gma F's house, I cleaned them up and decided that I wouldn't always use exact matches. I like the idea of having her buttons on something that I am giving as she is the one who was the lifelong volunteer/giver. So, long story longer...I gave something from someone who meant so much to me, to someone who means so much to me :).

MyStory of HiStory said...

Oh just gave a whole new dimension to this gift ... made something that was already special - ExTrA special! Thanks for sharing! ... and whatta great idea! salvage those buttons. That makes your button bags loaded w/ treasure! Thank you for sharing something so special to you - with me! I'm honored. Hmmm... I think I will earmark one for each of the girls' hopechests - but - in the meantime I intend enjoy/display them in the here and now during their respective/appropriate holidays :) BIG Boston Bruin Bear Hugs to you, my friend.