Sunday, December 4, 2011

make it paleo - grain free cooking - & wheat belly

I just ordered this, my first gluten free cookbook, as we begin this gluten free leg of our journey (see previous post for the motivation behind this major lifestyle change).  I chose this particular cookbook because it has gotten raving reviews and it is totally grain free cooking - and so I gather it doesn't include many recipes that attempt to cook/bake/modify much that normally contains gluten (bread, pasta, etc.) - as I know from a bit of our own experience and what I've heard from others that often that route can be pretty disappointing - and difficult!

For the record - Our family as a whole is not going totally gluten/grain free but we're attempting to eliminate gluten from our daughter's diet - and so -  rather than cook separate meals all the time - and considering that a gluten free diet is generally much more healthy for anyone - not just those sensitive/allergic to gluten, as well as the fact that my husband is totally on board with this whole thing and we are choosing to look at it as a mixed blessing and a challenge we are ready and willing to embrace ... well - that is, in a nutshell, how we arrived here and where we're heading....

And this book below was recommended by someone who left a comment on my previous post.   I haven't read the book yet but what the author has to say in his brief video is really interesting and thought provoking - and I think well worth it for anyone/everyone to watch and consider. Click the pic below to learn more about the book and to view the short video:

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