Thursday, September 1, 2011

some things have(n't) changed

Today is Playmaker's first day of her senior year in high school. She's doing dual enrollment again this year at the local university. And I've just been thinking. A lot. Amazed how fast time has gone and how blessed I am that God chose me, of all people, to be her momma (she still calls me that :). How incredibly much I love her. What a sweetheart she is. Gentle. Thoughtful. Creative. Talented. Helpful.

I remember an award she was given during a school assembly in 1st grade.
That being the:

"Peace Award"


a state of mutual harmony between people or groups,especially in      personal relations: Try to live in peace with your neighbors.

It fit her then and the funny thing is - it still fits.

That's her...on the far right.
 The picture itself is as telling as the award she received that day. 
Still, today, she tends to distance herself,
 not entirely but to some degree,  from "the crowd". 
And I just think it's interesting how in retrospect 
 - a unique perspective that affords clarity only hindsight can provide -  
one can see so clearly

First Day of Kindergarten

how much some things have changed


how some things haven't changed much ;)

first day of senior year in high school

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Yiota said...

Hope she started off well. Happy School Year to her, too!
Peace Award?! What an honour! Well Done, mommy!