Wednesday, August 31, 2011


One of my favorite friends doubled as a fabulous tour guide when she took me to Portsmouth, NH recently.  We meandered in and out of shops, ate fish-n-chips on the waterfront and just enjoyed catching up after not seeing each other for quite a while.  She did such a fine job showing me around that I promoted myself to tour guide and took two more of my favorite friends (my girls!)  on Monday to celebrate the very last day before Strike went back to school.  I knew they'd enjoy it.  Just posting some pics here: 

We happened upon this scene just in the nick of time to see the bridge lowered after the tugboat above passed thru'...

 So cool to watch! 

A "sweet" window sign

Wall Art 
Didn't quite capture the whole painting but -
 I  love how the newspaper is real/"decoupaged" 
into the picture

a quaint little tucked away corner of the world

By the time we left, this hole in the wall
 (seriously - it's not much more than that...barely room to stand as you wait for your order)
had become my very favorite restaurant. I found their menu online (click the pic to link to it) and have added a whole food juicer similar to the one below (that thing is a BEAST!!)  to my wish list in hopes of attempting to re-create, at least to some degree,  some of their fantastic food and drinks in our own kitchen. I did just get a Kitchen Aid blender and I have never in my life owned such a good quality blender -  so first I'm gonna give that a try. 

this (they call it the "Japanese") tasted every bit as good as it looks! 

- and -

Before we knew it ...
it was time to go.

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warriormom said...

Nothing better than cultivating and enjoying the good friendship of mothers and daughters and sisters. Looks like a great way to celebrate the ending of summer.