Monday, August 8, 2011



When it comes to food, and after watching this movie (click the pic to view the trailer), I've concluded that:

Ignorance is bliss - We saw things we would have rather not seen and learned things we would rather not know! But, as a result, we will be making more educated choices. 

Less is more - tho' I hafta think that's only the case in America - and in the sense that we (our family) will likely be getting less - but more healthy - food for our money in the future. And, 

Money talks - I will be more apt to consider every food purchase I make as a "vote" for what I value in our food supply and so will be less apt to purchase the cheapest dairy, meat or veggies just because they're the cheapest.  

oh ... and if you know you should, but lack motivation to diet... this may be just the (visual) aid you need. I can pretty much guarantee that you will lose your appetite.  

p.s. Editorial note.... I don't agree with everything the guy "narrating" this movie has to say. For example, I hafta knit my eyebrows and shake my head when I consider his comment about cows being "designed by evolution" makes no sense - but that statement alone could/just may serve as inspiration for a future post here :)   Anyhow - if you do watch it, as with anything/everything, I encourage you to think critically. Overall I think this journey to the source of the food we consume is a well researched & convincing expose' ... tho' the silence of the huge corporations who declined to comment when given the opportunity was quite convincing too.  


Yiota said...

I know what you mean! Whenever there's a TV programme about the quality of the food we eat, I can't help but wonder: is there anything we can eat without worrying that it's bad for us?

troutbirder said...

We live in rural America surrounded by industrial agriculture. The chemical in our air, water and food supply feed the profit at any cost machine. I'm considering moving to another planet.....