Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last evening we arrived at the garden to find the first of the sunflowers in full bloom! 


warriormom said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE the close-up shots!

troutbirder said...

They are truly magnificent. I'm encouraging will cup plants & compass plants. These grow along our local bike trails and I save seeds from last year.

Yiota said...

These are so beautiful! I missed your last post when it was first up and just saw it. Enjoy your veggies!

The other day, I was enjoying some relaxing time with my dad and he told me that the pomegradate tree is full of little fruit. Then he went on to (once again) comment on the magnitude of nature and how amazing it is, the way all the different parts of a plant are made. You should have seen his face! He was glowing!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Yiota. That is so cool - how your dad sees/realizes the magnitude of nature. I find it interesting how some people see it - & others don't/can't(?)/just take it all for granted. How anyone can believe that it all was not designed is beyond me. Patterns and thing that happen like they do in nature don't "just happen".

Hope you are putting the new vintage picnic blanket to good use! :)