Monday, July 4, 2011

more news from haiti :)

This time (yesterday) it was Playmaker, my oldest (17), that made her way to the cyber cafe :) What a thrill to see her name in my in-box!! :) I edited (underlined where I did) this one just a bit to remove some names, provide a bit more detail/clarity & left out a bit of it.

Hi mommy and daddy!I managed to getdown to the cyber cafe but it is nothing lke home so please excuse the typos lol i miss you so much!!! today we went to church at a missionary church and everyone agreed that that pastor was reallyyyy boring haha but some guy introduced himself to me and he seemed really nice =) we were supposed to go to the market today buti t was closed. I havent bought anything yet! =( but there will be other opporunities to shop. Tomorrow were going to the beach with all of the orphans! we decided to take them to a less nice beach rather than just our team go to a resort so they cvan enjoy it too! Yesterady at the work sight (orphanage construction site) I helped shovel sand and rocks and cement for the roof and then I also got on top of the roof in an assembly line passing 40lb buckets of cement! I was covered in it by the end of the day. Last night we all slept outside again under the stars. I was 2 shootng stars! [   ] Im really missing home =( but i am so incredibly glad i came on this trip! I feel like i have grown more in the past few days spiritually than i have in the past year. And its crazy.... I would now actually consider these people my friends. I love the B's =) they are so fun and i really am finally starting to feel comfortable around them! 

Miss you sooooooo much!!!!!i cant wait to tell you about everything when i get back
Strike had a mini melt down today. she misses home
give mak a hug for us! 
Playmaker <3

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Mug said...

LoVe it!!
And your photos of your Boston Harbour cruise were fab-u-lous!

Happy Birthday, America!