Friday, July 1, 2011

news from haiti :)

What a treat/joy/relief this was to find in my in box last night! :) ...

Hi Mommy & Daddy,

I'm at an internet cafe right now:) It is $1 per 30 mins:)

I cant tell you how much I love it here! 

I'm realizing that I am so extremely blessed I love being outside of the house with all the neighborhood kids:)

They are such a ball of energy:) Today me and Jo got out the bubble and we were blowing them at the kids & they loved it:)

Allie got out the kick ball and they had sooo much fun with it, like they were all over them:)

The food is AMAZING here! 

Yesterday when we were working at the orphanage I had so much for working, it sounds hard to believe but it's true. I. Enjoyed. Working!:D

 While I was working I was with Ashlee and Jo, & I told Ashlee "I can't believe I'm quoting my dad but it's amazing what you can do with a little hard work," or something like that.:)

Today we pass out food and it was amazing but at the end it got kind of rowdy.

I miss you guys soooo much and I love you soooooo much.:) I miss home very much but I love it here, I kinda don't want to leave:)

I hope you guys had a good time on your dinner cruise!:)

Tell Mak I love him!:) and i hope bunny is all good and not running away:)

I can't believe I'm actually here and I'm changing lives:)

I can't wait to tell you guys all my stories, it's been only three days and I have a bunch!:)

I think we are sleeping on the roof tonight, I don,t know yet but I hope so!:)

I love wearing no make up too!:) i love not caring what i really look like:) 

I hope you guys haven't gotten too crazy with out me and Allie:)

I love you guys x10000000 +12213 +34653 x 39780237... 

I feel like I've changed soo much... but in a good way;)

I feel like I could just keep writing but I don't know what else to write:) 

See you guys soon!:)

Love your baby girl,


Bunny Wilson said...

I love this so much I can't stand it. From her calling you "Mommy & Daddy" (both our sons do this to this day and they're adults now) to the wonderful realization of how she's being used by the Lord to the sign off "Your baby girl" - oh my goodness! love love love it!

Mug said...

Oh...I, too, LoVe it!!! I feel like I am part of your family now:)

Ditto to everything Bunny said!

warriormom said...

^_^ What better note could you possibly get!

Yiota said...

I bet you're relieved now; not to mention, immensely proud!

troutbirder said...

Wonderful. And the diagnosis as well. :) My son and daughter in law spent some time a year ago in Haiti after the earthquake helping at an orphange. After a year long struggle trying to get a 9 year old girl ,with seriously damaged legs, a medical visa, she finally made it to Denver Childrens hospital for two (successful) reconstructive surgeries. The adoption process is still moving ahead (slowly)

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi all. Thanks so much for sharing your tho'ts here. I think this letter is priceless too! ... but I know I'm biased ;)

Bunny & Mug (since you, Mug, Ditto'd Bunny's tho'ts) you are so fun - so thoughtful. I hope for a chance to meet both of you sometime this side of heaven!! But I'm sure enjoying getting to know you here. Mug - I know your reading Book 6 of Yada Yada.... so by now you know Jodi Baxter pretty well....and so, I feel like you know me better too! -And I tho't it was you feel you know our family better after just reading Strike's letter. I guess it does offer a unique glimpse/perspective that you wouldn't normally find here :)

Hi Yiota. Yes - you are so right. Funny - as my family is separated by SO many miles as we speak - you are, I trust, enjoying/treasuring this precious time with your family all together in one place!

Warriormom - I agree. This letter is a treasure :)

Troutbirder...I remember you telling me about this a while back. At that time the related news was heartbreaking but now it's SO good to hear more of the story and to see that it seems to be progressing toward a happy "ending"! Does your son/daughter blog?? Would love to follow this little girl's journey. Are your son/daughter actually trying to adopt her?? Thank you so much for the update!